6 Reasons why a weekly house cleaning service is better than a monthly house cleaning service

Nidhi Parikh Feb 14, 2023

What if you had a super-busy month and kept procrastinating on cleaning things around the house?

Every day you’d come back home and see the pile of papers on your desk or a dirty carpet or dirt accumulating on your shelves. Not a pretty sight, right?

It also brings your spirits down and puts you in a bad mood. Not to mention the return of allergenic symptoms if you’re allergic to dust and dirt.

In such a scenario, a weekly house cleaning service that Homero provides can make your life easier. Imagine coming home to a clean house almost every day. And the best part, you didn’t have to do this cleaning yourself. A cherry on the cake, right? Here are six reasons to consider hiring a professional cleaning service and switching to a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule.

1. You will always have a clean house


We have all experienced running around our house and stuffing everything in our cupboards because guests are going to knock on our doors in 15 minutes.

To avoid this not-so-fun experience, you need to keep your house clean at all times. This is as important to do for our health and hygiene as it is to do to keep our guests happy.

If you’re already committed to a monthly cleaning service, you know that while it makes your home spotless, it only takes a couple of days before everything starts getting dirty again.

The main goal of hiring a cleaning service is to make your life easier. If you still have to do the major part of cleaning activities between appointments a month away, then you’re hardly getting the benefits of hiring a pro.

When you switch to a weekly house cleaning service, your house gets recleaned just when it starts to look a little dirty. Even if you have a messier week, you can tell yourself, “It’s just a couple more days till the professional cleaners will make my house nice and tidy.”

2. It keeps you accountable


Cleaning professionals at Homero take care of many things, from vacuuming the house and dusting the furniture to scrubbing things in your kitchen. But before they arrive, you still have to clear the things lying around, like papers, mail, or pet toys.

Having a weekly cleaning appointment means you are prepared to do these things the day before, or you might even switch to behaviors like putting back the things you take right after you’re done with them.

You can even track what quickly gets messy around the house and create a schedule to proactively get to those activities.

This also helps you be more organized and create your cleaning habits so that you don’t procrastinate on them. For example, if you have subscribed to a monthly cleaning service, you may not be motivated to declutter or keep things tidy until your scheduled appointment comes closer.

3. It gives you a weekly fresh start


Did you know that clean, organized homes can make you feel calm and productive?

Opting for a weekly cleaning service can thus help you feel better. Imagine this - returning home after a long day of work, everything in your home is clean, the carpets are vacuumed, and there’s that great smell of cleaning products left behind.

Doesn’t this thought feel relaxing itself?

In fact, scents like lemon and pine (found in common cleaning products) are scientifically proven to make us feel happier.

Many of our clients at Homero pick the weekend or Monday to get their homes cleaned so they can start their work week with a clean home. This puts them in the right mood to start their work, and they can have an entire week or two with a thoroughly cleaned house.

4. You can focus on self-care


We already know that clutter and mess can make us anxious and stressed. Even putting cleaning activities on our to-do lists can make some of us feel unproductive. This could result in you procrastinating on other activities too.

When you hand over these activities to cleaning professionals that make your house neat and tidy every week or two weeks, you remove one major item from your to-do list. You can also experience peace of mind when you return to a clean home after a long meeting at work.

This also gives you more time to spend on things that rejuvenate you or bring you joy. For example, instead of spending your entire weekend cleaning your bathrooms or bedrooms, what if you could spend it working on your passion project or that art hobby you once left behind?

Isn’t this the ultimate form of self-care?

5. You don’t have to worry about cleaning supplies


Our professional cleaners at Homero bring high-quality detergents, disinfectants, and other cleaning materials to cater to even the messiest parts of your house.

What does this mean for you?

You no longer need to keep a stock of all cleaning supplies at your house. While you might need some of them for occasional cleaning, you wouldn’t have to keep making trips to the local supermarket again and again.

By having a weekly house cleaning service, you save a lot of money that you would otherwise have to invest in purchasing the best cleaning products in the market.

Now, it’s no longer a big deal if you forget to purchase a glass cleaner while shopping for groceries and other essentials.

6. It can be a better deal than monthly cleaning packages


Have you ever procrastinated on cleaning your house? What if you kept it uncleaned for two weeks or more? Did it take more of your time and effort to get it cleaned? Unless you had some magic cleaner with you, we’re betting the answer is yes.

This is one of the main reasons why some cleaning services charge a higher fee for a one-time or monthly cleaning service.

On the other hand, when you subscribe to a bi-weekly or weekly cleaning service, professionals come in to clean every week, and thus there’s a lot less dirt and grime accumulation to take care of.

While the charges may still be a bit higher, considering the mental and physical health benefits of a weekly cleaning package, the deal seems a lot better to many clients.

Relax with Homero’s weekly cleaning packages

Now that you know why a weekly house cleaning service is better than a monthly one, it’s time to shift and subscribe to Homero’s weekly cleaning packages.

We have been helping clients keep their homes clean and freeing up their time to pursue activities that bring them peace.

Our professional cleaners follow all guidelines and checklists and a hygiene protocol that ensures your home is disinfected and safe.

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